Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interim data left today

Wow what a day! I knew that I had data scheduled go when I went in this morning, but didn't realize how many more changes were coming down the pipe. Needless to say I was making changes up until the final hour. Of course tomorrow will be a long one too. The plan is to send another database out with new pricing and we are not close to being finalized.

I am taking the night off from packing. We only have 10 day left at our house. This weekend will be a busy one. I plan on finishing up lots of loose ends and only having the necessities around for the last week. Dan and I were talking and find it hard to believe we started this whole process less than a month ago. We are very happy that the process has been so smooth, it almost seems unreal.

Brooke wanted me to share that she likes the new house we are moving into too.